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Clan McGroyne

Generic MERC

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Formerly known as:
Generic MERC

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The Generic Mercs are a band of mercenaries who fight for pay at the Pennsic War.
We fight for Ewe!

Pay is a flexible item,  negotiate with Dragan McGroyne for reasonable rates.

Normally we fight for our patron's favor and any good will or largesse that is bestowed. Sometimes we hire on with friends or because the fight sounds interesting.

We field a force consisting of:
  • Heavy Fighters
  • Combat Archers
  • Siege Engines

The commander of all Heavy Fighters is Dragan McGroyne, who founded the Generic Mercs.  Ask him about hiring the Generic Mercs.

  • The senior Combat Archer is Leah McGroyne.
Who are the MERCs:

Pennsic 34 roster

Serving Lord Angus Kerr -  EAST

Heavy Fighters:
Dragan McGroyne -commander
A. Justin McGroyne
Hanlin McGroyne
Harry McGroyne
Hugo van Halle
Moon McGroyne
Raven Groyne
Skippy McGroyne

Combat Archers:
Leah McGroyne - CA commander
Dustyn McGroyne
Euliquia McGroyne