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Clan McGroyne
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Clan McGroyne

Welcome to the home of Clan McGroyne.
The Clan McGroyne is a household in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).
The clan began  in the year 1993 during a drunken stagger called the Pirate Walk at the Pennsic War.
Since that time the handful of founding fathers has grown into a robust clan of friends from all over the Atlantic Seaboard .
Thousands of people claim to be distant kin and proudly proclaim themselves McGroyne.
Pop McGroyne, our partiarch, must have been a randy old coot to have so many kin spread so far around the world. God love him and bless him, wherever he is.
Browse our site to learn about our members. Read the newsletter to find out what we're up to. Visit our store and buy a McGroyne shirt or other bit of swag. Register your own McGroyne name. Just hang out and have fun.

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